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Using the latest GPS technology when surveying new or existing courses facilitates the precise planning and setting out of the golf course.

The Early Years

The name of Hawtree has been associated with golf and golf course development since 1912. The Hawtree dynasty, F.G., F.W. and M.G. is probably the longest continuous practice in golf course architecture. The experience and knowledge which derive from two father-son exchanges are now at the centre of a multi-disciplinary practice known throughout the world.

The early years

Frederick George Hawtree became interested in the new science of greenkeeping during the early years

of the last century and gradually broadened his interests to include golf course construction. His first golf course was built at Croham Hurst, in Surrey and is still there unchanged. He had worked here with James Braid and went on to work with him building courses at Ipswich and Musselbrugh.

Croham Hurst Golf Club Croham Hurst Golf Club

After the First World War he set up a company with another member of the ‘great triumvirate’ J.H.Taylor to design and build golf courses.

Over 50 new courses were to be built over the next couple of decades and many more remodelled including the total reconstruction of Birkdale in the 1930’s.

In 1932 Fred built and set up Addington Court, the first privately run golf course to be opened to the general public. For the next 50 years Addington Court was to be the headquarters of the family practice, Hawtree + Son, Golf Course Architects.

Addington Court Golf Club Addington Court Golf Club

Frederick William Hawtree joined his father in 1938. After the war, sensing that the future of golf course architecture lay in a purely architectural role, independent of construction, he dissolved the company and created a new professional practice.

The early years

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